Flip-O-Rama Lesson Plan

Learning Objective:

Using the extremely popular Captain Underpants Books for inspiration, students will make their own Flip-O-Rama.
Time: 1 forty minute class period

Essential Questions:

What is the process of creating an animation from still images?


Captain Underpants Books


Paper (4.25″ X 11″)
Crayons, markers or colored pencils

Learning Activities:

Take a long strip of paper and fold it in half.  The idea is to make two pictures that make sense going back and forth.

Draw the first image on the inside of your Flip-O-Rama

Close the Flip-O-Rama and press the paper down so you can faintly see the first drawing through the paper

Trace elements from the first drawing that will remain unchanged and draw in the parts of the draw the rest of your image
test the Flip-O-Rama by flipping it back and forth before adding color.

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