Discussion Questions for Chapter 1 of Shaun Tan’s The Arrival

The pages are not numbered in this book, but Chapter I begins on the fifth page.

Page 5

Based on what you see on this page, what can you tell about the setting of this scene?
Who lives in this home?
What do the things shown on this page tell us about the people living in this home?

Page 6

What is the man doing?

Page 7

How does the woman feel about what the man is doing?
Can you find the objects from page 5 in this panel?

Page 8

(panel 5) What is the girl looking at?
Where are the people going?

Page 9

Do you think the family is safe or in danger?
What do you see that supports that opinion?

Page 12

Why does the man give his daughter the bird?

Page 13

(panel 4) Why is the woman crying?
(panel 6) What do you think the man is saying to the woman?

Page 14

How do you think the woman and the girl feel now?
What are some reasons why the whole family didn’t get on the train?
Download a PDF of the questions below:

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