Learning How to Frame Images Lesson Plan


Students will be introduced to the various camera angles and ways to frame images used in photography, film, video and comic books.  They will apply this knowledge to making a 6 panel comic book page that retells a part of a fairy tale.  This comic should use a variety of different ways to frame images and use no written words to tell the story.

Time: 2 forty minute class periods



Introducing Ways to Present Images:

Start by going over the Framing Images Powerpoint presentation and discuss various kinds of ways to frame images.

Watch this very short clip from Tangled and have students look for what kinds of shots are used in the clip.

Go through the Tangled: A Framing Images Exercise, which has screen shots of every major shot in the clip and tells what framing technique was used. You can have students guess what the shot is and then reveal the true answer in the next slide.

Make a Short Fairy Tale Comic:

Students should use what they have learned about framing images and camera angles to make a six panel comic book page. They should tell part of a fairy tale story like Rapunzel, The Three Little Pigs or Cinderella. The comic should use a variety of framing devices and camera angles and should not use any words to tell the story.

Here is an example that tells the story of Cinderella leaving the ball:

You can use one the comic book templates we have on the site for this lesson:

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